Where It All Began...


It all started when...

...God brought Christian women into my every day life. 

Hello! I want to give a history of how God birthed E3 Ministries. 

Many moon ago, I made the decision to join a small group hosted by, at this time, "a lady at my Church". She is most likely reading this with an amazed look on her face that I just called her that. The picture above was taken on that night of our first meeting. As time went on, my relationship with our gracious host, and many other women brought into my life through small groups grew. God is using each of them, and providing me with a support group I never would have believed possible. Life began to involve support in the hard times and bigger celebrations for the good ones. 

Simultaneously, I was given a gem of a book titled, "A Woman of Strength and Purpose" written by Cynthia Tobias. My mother in law thought I would benefit from it, and she was absolutely correct. 

I began to get inundated with finding the purpose God had planned for my life. I prayed, and I read. I studied, and I meditated. All I got was "wait, read more" and a hunger for the Word of God. The more I knew God, the more I realized my purpose. 

After a very spirit filled cruise with 3900 Christians, it was time. In the passengers seat of my husbands dodge, headed north from Miami, E3 was born! 

My heart breaks for Women who are not living out their purpose, who feel alone, who are broken. 

God is the answer! God is the way! I am the proof!

Shine on,

Ashleigh McMullen